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When a user is searching for your services or products, they are at the highest level of intent to convert. Our team at Craddock Holdings has extensive experience in Google Ads Management and has helped clients of all sizes achieve measurable results in their business goals through Google Ads. Having your business utilize Google Ads in a performance marketing campaign ensures that your company is present at your potential customer’s moment of decision. 

We offer a mix of fully managed Google Ads, percentage-based management fees on large accounts, and even consulting to bring your Google Ads in house.  Our approach is to hear what your current needs and pain points are, and to build a custom solution.  

Through our fully managed performance marketing solution, Google ads are included as a piece of the overall mix.  Our comprehensive campaign strategy is typically focused on a set outcome like phone calls or short lead forms.  With this approach, we do all the keyword research and use our proprietary templates we have built-in certain target markets to outperform your competition.

We offer full-service Google Ads management as part of our Performance Marketing strategy. 


This includes: 

  • Market and keyword research
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Custom Re-Marketing Setup
  • Custom ad creation (mix of text, image, and videos)
  • Message crafting for each targeted audience
  • Free landing page builds
  • Targeted ad delivery
  • Campaign optimizations toward campaign objectives
  • Monthly reporting on campaign performance


Through the percentage management fee model, this tends to be clients who are used to operating and most comfortable with this mode.  A monthly fee is charged as a percentage of the total ad spend.  Ad spend costs are determined based on account size.  We are not the cheapest, however, we pride ourselves on being one of the best.  We love a challenge where we can execute against other Ad Agencies and win the business.


Our third option is embedding with your internal marketing team as part of your team.  We can even help you in-house with all of the marketing dollars you currently invest with an agency. We have had some of our biggest success stories with clients who we are able to work with closely and amplify their existing talent.

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Discover Untapped Growth Opportunities and Review a Custom Marketing Proposal Afterwards

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